Thank you for being here. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Sick about your failed health? Tired of being over-medicated? Looking for all possibilities and ready to take action? 

Great news, this website is created for you. 

Regardless of where you stand on health reform and whether you are able to carry insurance or not, today you can no longer afford to put your own well-being at risk. Your only choice is to protect yourself from serious illness, major out-of-pocket expense, and financial ruin. Believe me, the absolute last thing I want you to do is place your life and livelihood into the hands of bureaucracy—the government, the insurance company, the hospital.

To help you understand a little more about me and what I do, let me first explain that I take a neurometabolic approach to illness and disease. My focus is on correcting the underlying chemical, nutritional, emotional, and physical stresses that affect you personally. Examples of this include:

  • toxic overload
  • absence or depletion of essential vitamins and minerals
  • nutritional and chemical deficiencies, whether your body doesn’t manufacture properly or the food you eat doesn’t provide you the nutrients you need

My clinical background is in chiropractic medicine with a particular emphasis in functional diagnostics, functional endocrinology, and functional nutrition. Like all such physicians, I can detect very fine imbalances in your body that cause such things as immune disorders, yeast overgrowth, fibromyalgia pain, and more. My patients call my work with them an art form and I am pleased to be able to provide them, and hopefully you, with the opportunity to get well without having to resort to a lifetime of useless and potentially dangerous prescription drugs as well as unwanted surgeries.

I have provided care to thousands since first opening my practice in Oradell, NJ nearly three decades ago. In that time, I’ve treated the over-stressed, the pressed for time, the looking forward to relaxing some day, the hard-working, the free-spirited, and the adventurous. My list includes musicians, teachers, actors, acousticians, writers, auditors, agents, retirees, homemakers, salespeople, culinary artists, painters, designers, skilled craftspeople, athletes, entrepreneurs, consultants, contractors, visionaries, engineers, stagehands, dreamers, and more, from just about every walk of life.

Every one of you is my opportunity to restore life, livelihood, and total well-being to this planet earth. Please, don’t delay what you already know—to get well, you must take charge of your own health.

I recommend you read the section below about how to maximize your health. It is a first step in getting to know me and will help you achieve long-lasting health.

Maximize Your Health

If you’re new to this website, please stop and read this section carefully.

  • First, if you are in pain now—all-over body pain with extreme fatigue or sleeplessness—or if you have seen your quality of life deteriorate significantly in the past few months because of poor health, digestive troubles, or migraine headaches, call my office immediately. I have a highly specialized treatment protocol for spectrum conditions such as these.
  • If you suffer severe panic attacks, are taking medications for anxiety or mood disorders, or find yourself having Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde moments that you cannot seem to control, please know that the type of care I provide will help you. This is among my specialties. Underlying chemical sensitivities, adrenal fatigue, environmental stressors, and toxic overload might be exacerbating your health.

My Brain Health and Nutrition Questionnaire will help you better understand which chemicals your body craves or needs more of to find balance. There’s a high probability that you have a health problem that has not been addressed. I’d like to help you—please contact my office so that we can begin getting you back on the road to good health.

  • Second, like and follow my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/drdougpucci) so you’ll stay up to date on the latest information on health news, healthy foods, and holistic ways to improve your life without prescription or OTC medications.

You’ll probably notice an overwhelming wave of targeted dietary supplement provider advertisements in the months and years to come. Whether it’s the latest news flash about why you should be taking D3 or iodine, or supermarket product claims that are routinely described as “gluten free” or “contains Omega 3s”, you need a source you can trust. Not every product is as pure as it should be or as healthy as their labels make them sound.

Moreover, if you’re sick and tired of hearing that you should be taking pharmaceutical drugs to do everything from lowering blood pressure to living life productively, you need to know that you have other choices. Should you enter that arena, it is of considerable importance that you avoid the most common pitfalls, as they can be costly on several levels.

  • Finally, read through the Free Report and find out more about the products and services I provide. I suggest you bookmark this website and reach out when you are ready to address your health concerns fully.

Rest assured that I offer only the most reputable and highest quality nutritional supplements, comprehensive testing, and services available. Watch for more information about this as we begin to roll out this information online.

Contact me to discuss your health issues, and if I believe I can help you, we can talk about next steps. We’ll be happy to schedule an initial consultation here at our office within a day or two.