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Thank you for being here. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Sick about your failed health? Tired of being over-medicated? Looking for all possibilities and ready to take action?  Great news, this website is created for you.  Regardless of where you stand on health reform and whether you are able to […]

Thyroid Q&A

Q – How does Dr. Pucci treat the thyroid? A – When a patient presents with a health problem, we look for underlying mechanisms referred to as “root causes.” For thyroid problems—and women’s wellness in general—common root causes include any of the following:  Estrogen surges during pregnancy that can cause the thyroid to go haywire […]

Jumpstart Your Health

7 Strategies for Minimizing Cravings and Boosting Your Health Let’s look at some general dietary suggestions that can help get you on track to reversing, lessening or managing many health problems. Stabilize your blood sugar. Create a morning ritual that includes alkalizing your body upon waking with a green drink, a morning tonic, or ginger […]

Clinical Pearls in Functional Endocrinology

Many of us are likely aware that hormone imbalances can contribute to many health complications. The logical next step is to have hormone levels checked and get them balanced. Sounds easy, but is it? Many people have gone to doctors and naturopaths who have attempted to normalize their hormone levels, only to find it is […]

What to Look for in a Functional Medicine Doctor

When it comes to their health, patients want natural remedies. Whether medications aren’t working or because the side effects of taking them aren’t worth it, people seek a solution for their ailments that is outside the mainstream pharmacopeia. And doctors are listening. Doctors of all stripes—gynecologists, cardiologists, chiropractors and more—are moving into the discipline of […]