“After 5 Years of Transforming The Health of 783 Women of All Ages With Failing Thyroid Issues, These Are The TOP 5 Lessons I Discovered!”


Written By Douglas J. Pucci, D.C., FAAIM


My name is Douglas J. Pucci, D.C. and I’m the founding doctor here at Pucci Wellness Center and the Grassroots Medicine Initiative that was created to help women (and men) overcome their thyroid difficulties. I’ve been in practice more than 25 years, but in the past 5 years, my staff and I began making notes of the women of all ages who have suffered with failing thyroid issues and what it was that helped turn their health around for the better. We spent $34,459 tracking all of their specific gains and results, and what we discovered was 5 vital lessons that any woman like yourself who’s suffering with thyroid issues can learn from.


Lesson #1: The Healing Power of This One Single Decision

After helping hundreds of women reverse their thyroid issues, we discovered that their own success all began with answering “YES!” to this one simple question:

“Are you willing to abandon the conventional standard or typical treatment offered for your health issue?”


These typical procedures can include…

  • Continuing the analysis procedure that includes monitoring your TSH levels.
  • Aiming to get a perfect A+ test score on your typical laboratory reports.


For 15 long years now, I’ve started to put my finger on the actual pulse of what my own female patients have been telling me. This has required very careful attention to the subtlest details that they have revealed to me. Over the course of my entire career I’ve listened to talented woman of all ages and types vocalize their own personal stories and what they really want in life.

One of these fascinating women was named Martha. Martha was a woman in her early 60’s who struggled with low energy, weight gain, achy joints and mental “fogginess”. She was a married woman with 2 adult children, who not only ran her entire household, but also managed to babysit her two new grandbabies, and still remained socially active as well.

Her complaint was that she thought her own friends were “a lot more active” then she was. By looking at Martha, you’d think she was a very healthy person, and in most areas she was…except her body was actually secretly failing her.

Martha was not alone. Every single day I hear many stories that are similar to Martha’s story. Women who work hard, plan ahead, and live life the way they feel like they should be, but they eventually wake up feeling that life is slowly taking a major toll on their own health, happiness and energy levels.

These same women then seek medical attention through mainstream doctors and physicians, only to be ignored, not fully listened to, or disregarded all together.

I hear their stories of pain. I hear about the amount of injustice they have to experience with the current medical field. I hear the stories of them practically being told that “it’s all in your head” or “you’re just depressed” and then quickly given anti-depressants and pushed out the door.

These women just like yourself, feel lost. They feel out of control. They don’t know what’s wrong with them, but they do know SOMETHING is just not right. They feel stuck in life, spinning the wheels of their minds wondering what’s really going on. When all along, their main problem is one thing, and one thing only…





While doctors may eventually discover their thyroid as the underlying cause of many of these women’s issues, and may even put them through a battery of tests and even medications to help the issues at hand…in the end, nothing seems to work.

One of the markers that women with thyroid issues usually become obsessed with is TSH. Women try and try to get it to a perfect level. They feel that if they can JUST get that TSH level right, they can finally…

  • Take back and establish the true and natural health of their thyroid
  • Finally feel beautiful again, just they did before all of these issues began
  • Bring back the vibrant energy and vitality they once had in their lives

When I noticed that many of my own female patients were so obsessed with this TSH marker, I began to really focus on it a lot more just to see what was really going on.

I told women to bring in their lab results so I could take a look for myself. I listened to their stories, their pains, and much more and started to put the pieces of the puzzle together.


That’s when I had my own “AHA!” moment after years of observation…


What these women were really seeking was a way to avoid doing all the hard work to get better. What they really wanted was a shortcut. A magic bullet. A “quick fix” remedy that would be more convenient for their busy schedules.

Deep down they’d rather remain stuck than have to set aside personal time and make an investment in their own health…even if was going to take time (and patience) on their part. My own program and solution I was offering them was actually an obstacle of treatment for them.

The patients of mine who truly were capable of recovery were women who…


A: Were willing to pay close attention to their own symptoms and were 100% committed to make changes to their lifestyle in order to get better.

B: Were willing to make the ultimate decision to become “unstuck” and to stop trying to resolve the problem all on their own. They were ready to listen to both their own body and doctors.

C: Were willing to finally admit that the old standard of simply monitoring and measuring the TSH was simply pointless in order to fully recover.

When patients could make these shifts in their lives, things began to get better rather rapidly.


Lesson #2: Recovery Depends on “Big Picture” Thinking


The second lesson I learned after all of these years of close observation was that the women who truly got much better were the ones who were able to look at their health from a BIG PICTURE perspective.

When you get stuck on the little things, and don’t look at the big picture of your own health, not only can get stuck yet again, it can also cause you and your health to take a turn for the worse.

Your thyroid truly is amazing. It provides you a unique snapshot of what’s really happening inside of you. For the longest time, you probably didn’t view it in this way, or you were indifferent about it. But now if you decide to take dedicated action on what needs to be done, you’ll be 100 steps closer to resolution. And in the end, the problem, when solved, will be very simple.


Lesson #3: Attention To Subtle Details Is Crucial


When you’re trying to achieve ultimate health, your own attention to the subtlest details in your life and health are crucial. The woman who dedicates herself to full recovery must take into FULL account of: her own thoughts, her own emotions, her own belief systems, unresolved issues, etc. and more.

The biggest question a woman can ask herself is this:


“What am I missing? What if I could take one positive action in my life right now to make myself better…what would it be?”


By approaching life with attention to all the details, and asking this vital question, a woman can make a huge SHIFT in her own happiness and health. Most failures occur due to lack of consistency and/or the inability to the subtlest changes.

Recovery doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. All it takes is a more consistent and better formula that’s put into action.


Lesson #4: Avoid Getting Stuck In The “Data Trap”


Data and information is essential. The flaws that can be found in tests can be corrected. In our practice, we’ve doubled our success rate simply by treating exactly what we find. The data that’s found in tests also helps determine the proper course for treatment on an individual basis.

Many women with thyroid issues get stuck and actually feel trapped inside all the data. These numbers and statistics can become overwhelming, when all these women want is to feel free from these data constraints in their own lives and to feel better. Nothing more.


Lesson #5: My Heartfelt Promise To You Is This…


If you take what I’m about to teach you and put it into action within your own life, here’s what I can promise you.

You will…

  • Wake up each day feeling even more alive and even more productive!
  • Double your own knowledge and understanding of how your thyroid functions!
  • Be able to fully identify which areas of your health need the most improvement!

When we can focus on your own root causes that are causing you so many imbalances in your life, we can work on putting everything BACK in balance.

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